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Discover the Green in ASB Greenworld!

  • In all ASB soil production facilities we used regional raw materials like green compost and bark humus for our production.
  • The production facilities are based on the newest standards of technology and reduce energy consumption by 30 %.
  • The ASB logistics network is so well designed that with our short transportation routes, the CO2 output is reduced by up to 300 t/year.
  • On the roof of the production hall from new production facilities (Sembach, Rhineland-Palatinate), solar arrays are located for our own energy use. Here, about 35 t/year CO2 output is avoided.

Home-grown raw materials
renaturierung_bild1_kleinDuring the last few years, ASB Greenworld has reduced the use of peat as a raw material in the production of potting soil by more than 50 per cent! Greenery compost or humus from composted coniferous wood bark have become the base for most of the soils supplied by ASB Greenworld: controlled quality from home-grown forests. Regional raw material resources ensure a beneficial eco-balance: since less transportation is required and lower energy costs make a significiant difference during the harvest season. But beyond the eco-balance, the use of coniferous wood bark preserves and maintains globally finite peat resources - and that means long-term protection of valuable bogs.

Committed to nature

Not least because we produce natural products that find their way back into nature. We also conserve peat as a raw material in all sectors by using wood-fibres, coconut fibres and, above all, greenery compost and bark humus.

Nurturing nature

moor_wieseFollowing successful peat cultivation, ASB Greenworld has the formula for recultivation and renaturation. We don't just talk about the protection of the environment, we are actively involved. In cooperation with relevant environment agencies, exemplary landscape plans have been drawn up in which re-integration of peat areas with varying biotopes into the natural landscape is a guarantee. ASB Greenworld has assumed responsibility in numerous projects and consistently supports schemes concerning the renaturation of harvested peat bogs. For instance, ASB Greenworld, in cooperation with the environment agencies in the rural district of Hanover, is providing in excess of 80,000 square metres of bogs in the Steinhuder Lake for a renaturation project.

Furthermore, ASB Greenworld provides financial assistance to the nature park information centre in the rural district of Hanover in the historical Scheunen district.

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